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Tesla Robots, AI News Anchors, Meta News

AI News Stories

1. Tesla Shows Off Upgraded Optimus Robot Capabilities

Tesla unveiled a new version of its humanoid robot Optimus that demonstrates improved functionality. A new video shows the nearly six-foot-tall machine delicately handling an egg without cracking the shell, flexing its fingers, walking, and performing squats. Tesla claims hardware and software upgrades allow Optimus Gen 2 to be more capable, with advanced balance, motion, and tactile sensations compared to prior prototypes. Tesla aims to produce the robot affordably at scale to assist humans, but timelines remain uncertain.

Video Still Capture - @Tesla_Optimus (x.com)

Watch the bot in action HERE

2. ChatGPT's "Laziness" Sparks Complaints

Users of ChatGPT built on OpenAI's latest GPT-4 model have increasingly complained it seems "lazy" - giving terse, unhelpful answers and refusing requests. Speculation mounted OpenAI intentionally crippled ChatGPT to improve efficiency. However, OpenAI claims no updates were made since November 11th and the unpredictable behavior is unintentional. Though not confirming issues, OpenAI pledged to investigate complaints of ChatGPT's declining usefulness amidst recent company turmoil.

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3. News by Algorithm: Channel 1 Embraces AI Anchors

Channel 1 plans to debut AI-powered news anchors in 2024, sparking optimism about personalized and accessible news as well as concerns about human connection, ethics, and jobs. Supporters envision 24/7 coverage tailored to viewers and reduced bias. Critics worry about emotional detachment from robot anchors, biased training data, content manipulation, and displaced jobs. It's a complex issue warranting open discussions about serving the public good while upholding journalistic values. AI anchors are not unprecedented - they have delivered news in India for over 6 months. Their expansion illustrates the growing centrality of AI in media.

Video Still Capture - (channel1.ai)

Watch the video

4. Call for developers to use Gemini Pro

Google released its powerful new AI model Gemini Pro to developers and enterprises through its AI Studio and Vertex AI platforms, providing initial free access to text generation capabilities with usage limits. Google highlighted Gemini Pro’s strong performance, multilingual support, and integrated safety measures, noting that user feedback will further refine the model before launching Gemini Ultra. Additionally, Google updated Vertex AI with the latest Imagen text-to-image tool and industry-specific MedLM models, showcasing its ongoing commitment to advancing AI across sectors.


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Meta AI Update - AI Images, Chat, Invisible Watermarking

Join Mark as he breaks down the more than 20 new generative AI features Meta is testing across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Tools such as: AI chatbot enhancements, text to Image generation, and AI virtual assistant are among the AI tools that will change the way you interact with friends, colleagues, and clients across social media.

AI Tools

Castmagic [mark’s Pick] can be used to turn audio and video files into written content, such as transcripts, summaries, and social media posts. Castmagic can also be used to personalize website experiences for individual visitors. Some of the benefits of using Castmagic include saving time, improving accuracy, and increasing revenue. Overall, Castmagic is a tool that can help content creators be more productive and successful.

Wordtune is a Generative AI tool that can help you write faster and improve the quality of your writing. It can help you rephrase sentences, find synonyms, and improve your grammar. Wordtune can be used for a variety of writing tasks, such as emails, reports, and blog posts.

Descript [Mark’s Pick] is an all-in-one video and podcast editing tool. Descript is easy to use, making it as simple as editing a document. It has features for video editing, podcasting, transcription, AI voices, remote recording, screen recording, and more. Descript also has AI features that can help with editing, such as text-to-speech, overdubbing, and regenerating audio.

AutoPad helps editors edit podcasts in Adobe Premiere Pro. It can save editors time by automatically editing multi-camera footage, creating social media clips, and making jump cuts. AutoPod is designed to be customizable and can be used with any editing method.

Scribe is a tool that helps users create step-by-step guides by automatically capturing screenshots and text as they go through a process. This can be helpful for creating training documents, answering questions, assisting customers, and onboarding new hires. Some of the benefits of using Scribe include saving time, staying focused, and helping others.