Siri Just Got an AI Makeover

Open AI's Valuation to Soar

Hello AI lovers,

If you’re like me then you enjoy Siri, Apple’s iPhone assistant.

It can do so many neat things, like make calls, send texts, and help you with apps…

Your iPhone just got a massive improvement

But as of today, big news is changing all this with a new AI-infused Siri that will:

This means performing multiple prompts by evaluating the user's on-device activity.

And that’s not all.

OpenAI is in talks with Apple to integrate its services into Apple products, a deal that could significantly impact the AI landscape.

Apple considered both Google and OpenAI for this multi-billion-dollar deal, which would be a major win for Altman.

Despite internal tensions, OpenAI's valuation has soared to $90 billion, with plans to expand its AI infrastructure and possibly convert to a for-profit corporation.

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