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OpenAI and Media Strike Partnership

Happy Monday AI enthusiasts,

In this groundbreaking deal, The Atlantic and Vox Media will use OpenAI’s tech to give feedback and share use cases to improve news experiences in ChatGPT.

In addition, content from these two sources will be easily accessible in all of OpenAI’s products.

This means that AI will play a larger role in content creation and discovery in the media industry.

The news media industry might have just found its champion with OpenAI

It also indicates a growing trend of collaboration between AI firms and publishers despite existing skepticism.

In “Make Money Monday” news, the fact that Siri is getting an AI upgrade has made huge boosts in confidence with Apple.

According to investing.com, “Wall Street giant analysts are bullish about Apple's transition from smartphones to "IntelliPhones," predicting a significant multi-year upgrade cycle.”

This means supply will have to grow, which ultimately means a big opportunity for investors.

Hope you got something from today’s AI update.



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