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No AI Experience, No Problem, Digital Resurrection, Hey Meta, ChatGPT for Business Success

AI News Stories

1. No AI Experience Required to Snag $1 Million in OpenAI Program

OpenAI is accepting applications for its second startup accelerator program, Converge 2, offering selected participants $1 million in funding plus exclusive training and resources. The 6-week program requires a 4-6 hour weekly commitment and invites any prospective founder globally to apply with just basic personal details and a 30-second pitch video, even if they have no AI experience. It provides guidance on cutting-edge AI development outside of OpenAI's own APIs. With travel costs covered and flex remote options between anchored San Francisco events, Converge 2 aims to spur AI innovation from diverse, underrepresented entrepreneurs worldwide. Learn More.

Source: OpenAI

2. Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Get Smarter: Meta AI Assistant Sees, Hears, and Helps

Meta is rolling out early access for its Ray-Ban smart glasses' AI features. "Hey Meta" summons a virtual assistant that uses the glasses' camera and mic to identify objects, translate languages, and suggest clothing pairings. Zuckerberg showcased these features on Instagram, while Bosworth revealed photo captioning and summarizing capabilities. The US test is limited to a small group of opt-in participants Watch Here.

Source: Meta

3. Simulating the Departed: AI Offers Digital Resurrection

After his 22-year-old son Xuanmo passed away, Seakoo Wu used AI to generate a lifelike avatar and voice clone to immortalize him. By supplying AI companies with photos, videos, and audio of Xuanmo, Wu spent thousands creating a simulated version of his late son. He now interacts with AI-generated videos of his son sending him messages, as more Chinese people turn to technology to ease their grief over losing loved ones. Watch Here.

Source: France 24

4. OpenAI Deal Signals Coming AI Revolution in News Industry

OpenAI has signed an unprecedented deal with publishing giant Axel Springer to access its news content for training AI models like ChatGPT. Per the agreement, ChatGPT will summarize Axel Springer articles from outlets like Politico and Bild, driving traffic back to original reporting. This allows OpenAI to leverage quality journalism to improve accuracy as media outlets experiment with risky AI use cases. It signifies AI’s rising impact in news as The New York Times makes organizational changes to boost technology capabilities. The partnership pioneers a path for publishers to both protect against and benefit from AI’s transformative potential. Read More.

Source: OpenAI

5. Snapchat+ Supercharges AI Features to Boost Premium Service

Snapchat is expanding AI capabilities for its paid Snapchat+ subscribers. New AI tools allow users to create and share AI-generated images, collaboratively art-filter their selfies, and extend image backgrounds. These latest features build on custom Lenses, Charms and other AI capabilities already exclusive to the growing platform, which now has over 7 million paying subscribers and $20 million in monthly revenue. Snapchat is leveraging AI to further monetize and boost its premium service. Read More.

Source: Snap

Unlock Chat GPT's Potential for Business Success!

Mark provides an overview of Chat GPT's capabilities and shares tips for configuration to optimize results. Explores various applications for business, including writing high-quality social media posts, crafting engaging email newsletters, generating content ideas, drafting blog articles, preparing for interviews, and more. Harness this advanced AI tool to boost productivity, creativity, and efficiency across a range of business functions.

AI Tools

Amova [Mark’s Pick] is an automated meeting transcription and note-taking tool that helps teams get the most out of their meetings. It can join Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet meetings to take and share notes, highlight key takeaways, and add meeting slides directly to the notes. It also includes a summary of keywords and an outline to help teams quickly navigate meeting notes, search, read, and playback the audio.

CapCut [Mark’s Pick] is a free, all-in-one video editing tool that can be used on your phone, computer, or online. It has a variety of features, including video and audio editing, text and image overlays, and special effects. You can also use CapCut to collaborate with others on video projects.

Chatsimple can help you convert visitors into customers, provide 24/7 customer support, and answer your customers’ questions. It is easy to set up and use, and it can be customized to fit your specific needs. Chatsimple is used by many businesses, including Connex E-Commerce and Connecta Recife.

Claude AI is a general AI assistant focused on being helpful, honest, and harmless; it offers features like conversational interactions, summarization, code generation, and fact checking in two versions - Claude for complex tasks and Claude Instant for faster basic interactions. Overall, Claude aims to be a reliable and ethical general AI tool for assisting with various tasks.

Fireflies AI uses AI to supercharge meetings. It automatically records, transcribes, and summarizes, giving you actionable notes and insights. Share them across tools, track progress, and reclaim your scribbling time. Work smarter, not harder.