New Robot Face of Ukraine!!

And Amazon's new revolutionary tool for eBooks

Dear Reader,

It’s finally here…

That war of the world’s level technology that makes people shiver…

AI robot tech that looks straight out of a dystopian movie.

And the country that’s doing it is Ukraine!!

That’s right, Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its arsenal…

'Victoriya Shi' — an AI-generated avatar that is doing everything a scary AI robot would do in the future without being an authentic, physical robot.

Here are some key highlights:

🗣️ Victoriya Shi is modeled after Rosalie Nombre, a beloved Ukrainian singer and reality TV personality.

🔍 Victoriya Shi delivers pre-prepared diplomatic statements, accompanied by a unique QR code that gives direct access to the official text.

So what’s so important about this?

Other than signifying the end is near for humans, Ukraine's pioneering initiative heralds a new era of digital diplomacy…

Offering a glimpse of an AI-driven future where the face of diplomacy may become what we knew it to be the whole time…


So what’s happening on the Sunnyside of AI?

Well, for authors things just got a whole lot easier...

Now, it’s not something completely new…

But something you probably want to know.

In November, Amazon unveiled a revolutionary tool to transform eBooks into narrated audiobooks using synthetic speech AI.

And basically, its performance is awesome…

So far over 40,000 titles have been created on Audible, some in as little as 52 minutes.

That means no more recording sessions, opening new avenues for audiobook creation to the masses.

Got a book idea?

Now is the moment.

Stay relevant,

Mark Savant & The AI Media Team