2 AI Predictions Come True

GPT4 is tutoring your teenager

Wassup fellow AI Normies!

Last Wednesday, we saw some pretty neat predictions made by Vinod Khosla about the future of AI…

We all know that it's going to change things…

But what I'm thinking about today…after the release of Mark’s ChatGPT 4 video…

Is that these predictions are starting to take shape, here as we speak…

If you don’t remember, one of the first predictions Vinod made was that there would be expertise available to the public 24/7 including AI tutors for nearly every subject.

And when you open Mark’s video on ChatGPT 4 that’s exactly what’s happening…

A kid no older than 15 is being tutored on a complicated math problem by bots while his dad looks on…

If you haven't seen it, check it out at 01:45…

It's quite amazing, but even cooler is that prediction number two about programming being accessible to anyone anytime is also coming true…

That means millions of people who do not know programming will be programming with AI doing the work as easily as you make calculations with your Texas instrument calculator.

If you haven’t checked out Mark’s video explains how it works, please do so here (once again the AI tutoring is at 1:45):

AI changed my life.

I started using the tools in my business, and quit my day job 3 months later.


There is a dark side though..

My biggest concern is the massive disruption to the workforce.

This is particularly evident in big retail and warehouse operations.

Specifically Walmart.

Walmart plans to automate 65% of stores within the next 12-24 months.

Walmart is the largest employer in the US.

Retail is the largest job sector in the US impacting 1 in 4 Americans.

What happens when robots and AI start “empowering” workers?

It means mass layoffs.

So what’s next?

Find out in my latest video.

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