New Numbers are In…

Here’s the latest in AI’s Evolution

Dear Reader,

In the world of AI, there are several stories…

At one end is the race between WALL-Es and AUTOs (Good vs. Bad AI technology), at the other is a race to get that technology…

Think China vs. the USA…

But behind all that is the ticking clock…

The rapid advancement and evolution of AI technology...

And that’s exactly what I am going to tell you about today in our top two stories…

AI is coming closer and closer to making white-collar work redundant

1) Stanford’s 2023 AI Index Report: AI’s Remarkable Progress

Embarking on a fast-paced journey through the AI landscape, Stanford University's 2023 AI Index report has unveiled a compelling snapshot of global AI trends…

And the tech community is buzzing with the revelation that AI has now eclipsed human-level performance across a majority of pivotal benchmarks.

Here's a closer look at the key takeaways:

🔍 AI is mastering tasks from image classification and reading comprehension to visual reasoning and more.

🔍 The swift progression of AI has made many benchmarks obsolete, driving researchers to create new tests to measure capabilities.

🔍 Closed-source models continue to lead the way, as the AI industry remains largely dominated by major players due to rising training costs.

🔍 LLMs are advancing, growing more accurate, and less prone to "hallucinations".

And this is only 2023!!!

So what’s the next big evolution?

2) Chatbots are evolving into AI Agents!

So, what exactly is an AI Agent?

Think of it this way: If today's chatbots are like the training wheels on a bicycle, AI agents are like riding a fully automated, self-balancing scooter.

What does that mean?

Chatbots will give way to fully automated agents that can complete a whole job with multiple tasks

These agents can independently perform multiple job tasks.

For example, Microsoft is working on an AI agent with the ability to:

🔍 Detect when a significant order hasn't been processed by a customer.

🔍 Create an invoice for that order.

🔍 Confirm with the business about sending the invoice.

🔍 Track the customer's response and payment.

🔍 Record all details in the company's database.

What we’re looking at then are AI models that can fully take over basic entry-level white-collar jobs…

All basically in one program like Microsoft Word.

Imagine that!

So there you have it…

The next phase of the AI revolution.

Yours truly,

Mark Savant & The AI Media Team

PS: Rogan and Tucker just saw a video clip go mega-viral. For more details read below and check out my commentary video.

Rogan and Tucker on AI

You may have heard of Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.

Yeah, they’re pretty big.

A couple of days ago, I saw a clip go mega-viral.

It framed Tucker as calling for a bombing of AI data centers.

I was shocked.

I decided to watch the entire context of the comment and found it interesting.

They go into the morality of AI, the future of tech, and God.

They get some stuff wrong but also make some compelling points.

Let’s examine them together.

What is the biggest risk with AI?

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