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Plus a new publishing platform that adds AI

Dear AI lovers,

Two years ago AI changed my life.

I’ve become somewhat obsessed since then.

I saw the power in my own business, and I can see the tidal wave coming.

For example,

In fact, they started LAST YEAR!

Among the features:

  • Automated drive-through ordering

  • Autonomous robot delivery

  • Underground digital order delivery

Fast food employs nearly 700,000 people.

What happens when we move from 10 people in a store to 1?

What will these people move into?

Let me ask you a question…

What skill do you think is the most important skill to learn now?

Reply to this email, and I’ll tell you what I think.

(Hint, it’s AI-related lol)


The future of restaurants?

As you may know by now, part of the Mark Savant brand is finding amazing AI tools for you to work with.

As you also may know though, it’s a pretty tedious task.

There are hundreds (big and small) coming out every month, most of which the public doesn’t even know about because their marketing isn’t the equivalent of big names like Amazon and Google.

Nevertheless, I scour the internet to find the best for you.

Some of the tech industries’ biggest moneymakers are facing off with challengers

This week, I have looked at several of them from the top watchdogs in and outside the industry.

Among them, one has come on top:

Stunning! (Yeah, that’s the actual name.)

Ok, so AI tools do come out every day and few are useful enough for us to get, but if you have a website and want to generate more traffic without hiring blog writers, SEO experts, etc…

This tool may be the one for you.

What it does is give you the website you want…

With the add-on bonus of an attached AI-assisted writer that helps you create content immediately.

Imagine all that for $19 a month.

That’s almost half the price of WordPress’ $39 creator plan.

Do you know a creator who needs these tools without paying Microsoft’s hefty fees?

Are you this creator?

Check out Stunning today.

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