OpenAI's Next-Gen Conversational AI

Hey there,

Today is a Monday like no other because OpenAI has just unveiled GPT-4o.

So what’s so special about it?

Other than it being a groundbreaking AI model designed to engage users in real-time conversations through voice, video, and text…

GPT-4o will be accessible to all users through the GPT app and web interface, with enhanced features available to subscribers of OpenAI's paid tiers starting at $20 per month.

Chat GPT4 is a lot about voice integration

Here are some key features of GPT4’s coming out party:

  • Unified Model: Unlike its predecessor GPT-4, which segmented interaction methods into separate models, GPT-4o integrates voice, video, and text capabilities into a single omnimodel. This consolidation promises faster responses and seamless transitions between tasks.

  • Live Demonstration: OpenAI's CTO Mira Murati led a live demonstration of GPT-4o, showcasing its ability to handle complex prompts and engage in dynamic conversations akin to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.

  • Future of Interaction: Murati emphasized GPT-4o's role in reshaping human-machine interaction, envisioning a future of collaboration where interactions feel more natural and fluid.

  • Impressive Applications: Researchers Barret Zoph and Mark Chen highlighted GPT-4o's prowess in live conversation, showcasing its adaptability to interruptions and its ability to adjust tone on the fly. From dramatic storytelling to convincingly mimicking a robot voice, GPT-4o displayed remarkable versatility and natural pacing.

I started using AI in my business in 2022

3 months later I quit my day job.

AI changes everything.

Let me tell you, AI technology makes HUGE leaps daily.

Now is the time to pay attention.

Now is the time to experiment.

Now is the time to leverage the tools.

It can be overwhelming, but this is what I ask you…

No, this is my PLEA to you

Use Chat GPT for 10 minutes a day.

This new version is insane, and I promise to share everything I learn with you.

Will you do the same?