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Garbage in, Garbage Out, Your Life (and Death) in AI, Romantic Companions, AI Year in Review

AI News Stories

1. Can AI Really Read Your Life Story?

Researchers developed an AI model called "life2vec" that can predict life outcomes like income, health issues, and risk of early death with high accuracy. By analyzing the life stories of millions of Danes, the algorithm learned to find patterns in the sequence of life events that correlate with future outcomes. While intriguing, experts caution that biases in the data could perpetuate unfair stereotypes. Before this AI's predictions can actually help individuals, privacy concerns and cultural nuances need addressing. Read More.

2. Will VideoPoet Enable Anyone to Become a Video Creator?

Google unveils VideoPoet, a New AI for Generating High-Quality Video. Unlike other video generation AIs that use diffusion models, VideoPoet utilizes a transformer architecture typically employed for text generation. After substantial pre-training, VideoPoet can produce longer, more consistent clips with complex motions and control over aspects like camera angle and style. VideoPoet focuses on vertical/mobile video (beneficial for social media) and may eventually support text-to-audio generation. This new AI could enable more imaginative video creation, if Google publicly releases it. Read More.

3. Andrew Young, Co-Founder at Digi, discusses the latest developments in romantic AI companions.

Read the full x.com thread Here.

Source: Digi.ai

4. The AI Invasion: How 2023 Became the Year of Artificial Intelligence

Ars Technica breaks down some of the biggest AI stories of 2023.

Key Stories:

  • Microsoft's rocky Bing Chat launch

  • US Copyright Office denying AI art copyrights

  • Meta releasing open-source AI models like LLaMA

  • OpenAI debuting the powerful yet controversial GPT-4

  • Continued advances in AI art generators

  • AI-generated misinformation

  • The failure of AI writing detectors

  • Google rushing to compete with ChatGPT

  • OpenAI's CEO getting fired then rehired after employee protests

  • Read More Here

Garbage in, Garbage Out

If the data and algorithms used to train AI systems are biased or infused with a particular political ideology, the system’s outputs will likely also reflect those biases. Join Mark as he shares his concerns about the potential negative impact of incorporating wokeness into AI systems. This form of identity politics, one that divides people and creates hatred, could disastrously divide humanity if it is integrated into AI.  Key Takeaways:

  • Wokeness in AI can lead to disastrous consequences due to its power

  • Meritocracy is being undermined by wokeness

  • Support companies that are developing AI based on meritocracy and respect

  • We need to vote for politicians who stand up for what's right

AI Tools

Swell AI [Mark’s Pick] is a powerful AI writing platform that creates any type of content like podcast show notes, transcripts, blog posts and more. It summarizes audio into readable text, generates titles and social media posts, ensuring your content ranks high. The tool is flexible, detailed and optimized for SEO so you spend less time writing and editing.

vidyo.ai [Mark’s Pick] is an AI-powered video editing platform that automatically creates short, engaging social media clips from long videos, perfect for TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube. It adds subtitles, captions and effects to make videos stand out. The versatile tool crafts catchy snippets, resized videos, logos and more without heavy editing, helping you make professional social media videos fast.

typedream is an AI-powered website builder that helps you create high-quality websites quickly and easily. It uses artificial intelligence to suggest designs, content, and layouts, so you don't have to start from scratch. This can save you a lot of time and effort, especially if you're not a web design expert.

Mubert is an AI music tool that generates custom soundtracks for videos, podcasts, and more. Choose your mood, style, and duration, and Mubert will create a unique royalty-free track that fits. It also has a marketplace for musicians and a subscription for unlimited AI-generated music.

RunwayML is a platform that lets anyone use AI to generate images and videos, edit and manipulate existing ones, and even bring still images to life with animation. Runway's tools are powered by cutting-edge research, making it possible to achieve stunning creative effects that were once the exclusive domain of professional studios.