Free Chat GPT Training

My mother was in town, sitting in the kitchen with her head in her hands.

She was frozen with her glowing laptop open.

I asked, “What’s up?”

She explained she needed to write some articles for a college class on biology and agriculture in Florida.

Who knows, growing food could be important, right?

I beckoned her to follow me.

I opened Chat GPT on my computer and typed in a few prompts.

Seconds later we had 10 ideas for academic papers she could write, along with outlines, and places to start research.

Her jaw hit the floor.

2 hours later, her papers where complete and she was sipping ice tea on the patio.

Chat GPT is the most powerful tool in the history of humanity, but most people haven’t even scraped the surface.

You’re Invited

I want to empower you with Chat GPT.

Thursday at 11 am est, I’m hosting a free Zoom workshop.

Bring your computer, download Chat GPT, and get ready to accelerate your life.

At the end of this workshop, you’re going to have solutions to your most nagging problems.

You’ll walk away with a sense of confidence, knowing you can solve problems with this incredible tool.

See you Thursday!

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