European Union Regulates AI

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1. EU Regulates Artificial Intelligence

The European Union has reached a landmark agreement to regulate artificial intelligence, the first comprehensive AI governance rules globally. The law requires risk assessments and oversight for high-risk AI like powerful foundation models, while banning uses like social scoring and mass surveillance. Though delayed implementation raises questions, the act's transparency and training data provisions aim to balance AI innovation and ethical risks. Critics remain concerned over compliance burdens.

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2. Google Unveils NotebookLM App

Google's experimental AI-powered note-taking app, NotebookLM, is now widely available in the US. The app can summarize documents, identify key points, answer questions about source materials, and even transform notes into other types of documents. NotebookLM is now "starting" to use Google's Gemini Pro AI model for improved document understanding and reasoning. Availability: Now widely available in the US.

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3. Unions Gain Seat at AI Table with Microsoft Partnership

A partnership has been created between Microsoft and AFL-CIO, the largest federation of labor unions in the United States, to address the impact of artificial intelligence on workers. The two organizations will work together to share information, incorporate worker perspectives into AI development, and help shape public policy. Microsoft will also provide training sessions for workers and students to help them adapt to the changing workforce. This partnership is the first of its kind between a major tech company and a labor organization.

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AI Tools

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TenWeb provides a suite of tools and services for building, managing, and optimizing WordPress websites. Their flagship product is the TenWeb AI Website Builder, which uses artificial intelligence to help users create beautiful and professional websites without any coding experience.

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