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Elon Musk Dead Sure: Two robots per human by 2040

They will babysit and teach your kids

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Elon Musk predicts there will be two robots per human by 2040, and AI has advanced to the point of detecting Parkinson's disease years in advance. However, there's a concerning trend: students are now using AI to cheat on exams!

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Elon Musk Predicts Two Robots Per Human by 2040

The Overview: Elon Musk shared ambitious predictions about the future of humanoid robots, highlighting their potential to transform daily life and various industries.

The Details

  • Musk envisioned a future where everyone would want their own humanoid robot, like the Optimus robot currently in development. These robots could perform tasks such as babysitting, teaching, providing companionship, playing the piano, and working in factories.

  • He predicted at least two robots for every human, resulting in 10 to 30 billion robots worldwide. Each robot priced at $10,000 could generate trillions in profits.

  • Musk described this future as "mind-blowing," emphasizing progress in sustainable energy and autonomy. He suggested that profit from these robots alone could create a $20 trillion market.

So What: Musk’s vision suggests a world where humanoid robots are part of everyday life, handling diverse tasks and creating a new industry.

This could lead to massive profits and transform technology, making our lives more convenient and exciting. Imagine having a personal robot to help with chores—these advancements could make that a reality.

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AI Blood Test Predicts Parkinson’s 7 Years Ahead

The Overview: A new AI-powered blood test could predict Parkinson’s disease up to seven years before symptoms appear.

The Details

  • Researchers from University College London and University Medical Center Goettingen have developed a blood test that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect Parkinson’s disease early.

  • The study involved analyzing blood samples from 72 people with REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (iRBD), a condition where people act out their dreams and are at high risk for Parkinson’s.

  • The AI identified 79% of these individuals as having a similar blood profile to those with Parkinson’s and correctly predicted that 16 of them would develop the disease.

  • Experts say early detection could improve treatment, allowing proactive intervention and slowing disease progression. The test targets markers linked to inflammation and protein degradation, enabling new drug treatments.

So What: This AI test is a major breakthrough. By detecting Parkinson’s early, doctors could start treatments sooner, potentially slowing the disease and improving quality of life.

This means more proactive and personalized care for those at risk.

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Student Caught Using AI to Cheat on Exam

The Overview: A Turkish student was arrested for using AI technology, a hidden camera, and a concealed router to cheat on a university entrance exam.

The Details

  • During the Transition to Higher Education Examination on June 8 in Turkey, the student’s suspicious behavior caught authorities' attention. The police detained and formally arrested the student, who now faces trial. Another person helping the student was also detained.

  • A video released by the police in Isparta shows the cheating setup. The student used a camera disguised as a shirt button, connected to AI software via a router hidden in the shoe sole.

  • In the video, a police officer demonstrates how the camera captures the question, sends it to the AI software, which delivers the correct answer to the student through the earpiece.

So What: This incident shows how advanced technology is used to cheat on exams. Schools must improve monitoring and detection tools to ensure fair assessments.

Humans and AI

Steve Endacott is running for Parliament in Brighton Pavilion with the help of AI Steve, an AI assistant.

AI Steve interacts with voters, answers questions, and gathers opinions online. This new approach keeps Endacott connected with constituents and ensures continuous voter input.

Key issues raised include safety, trash bins, bike lanes, immigration, and abortion. AI Steve offers a unique method to engage voters and consider their views.

Last year, AI-generated Videos Looked Fake

Today, Luma Labs' hyperrealistic content is almost indistinguishable from reality. From cars to characters, the improvements are stunning even with minor flaws.

These videos aren't just impressive, I believe they will forever change entertainment and business.

Watch it here. 👇

AI Stock Watch

1 Small-Cap AI Stock With Big Potential

DigitalOcean Holdings (DOCN) is excelling with 640,000 customers and a Q1 2024 revenue of $185 million, surpassing expectations. Their annual run-rate revenue hit $749 million, up 12% year-over-year.

With a new AI-driven CEO and strategic acquisitions like Paperspace, they target 10.5% Q1 revenue growth and a 36% increase in adjusted earnings per share.

Despite competition from Amazon and Microsoft, DigitalOcean's impressive growth and profitability make it a strong tech investment (34.75 USD as of writing)

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