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Diversity Backfires for Google, Light-Powered Chips, DHS AI Hiring Spree

AI News Stories

1. Light-Powered Chip Revolutionizes AI Computing Speed

Penn engineers developed a new chip using light waves instead of electricity to perform complex AI computations. The silicon-photonic chip can radically accelerate processing speed and reduce energy consumption, overcoming limitations of traditional chips. It offers privacy advantages by avoiding data storage in working memory. Read More. Key Takeaways:

  • New chip uses light waves for faster, energy-efficient AI computations

  • Overcomes limitations of traditional chips by performing complex math at light speed

  • Offers privacy advantages by avoiding data storage in working memory

2. Gemini's Attempt at Diversity Backfires for Google

Google has paused the ability for its AI tool Gemini to generate images of people after it created inaccurate historical images. Gemini was generating diverse images of groups like the Founding Fathers and Nazi soldiers, erasing historical norms. Google is working to address the issues before re-releasing an improved image generation feature. Read More. Key Takeaways:

  • Google paused Gemini's image generation of people due to inaccuracies

  • Gemini aimed to avoid stereotypes but erased historical accuracy

  • An updated version will be released after Google addresses the issues

Source: Google Gemini – Gemini’s response to the prompt: “generate images of 19th Century Russian Orthodox priests”

3. Interact with PDFs Via Adobe's New AI Assistant

Adobe has released an AI Assistant in beta for its Acrobat and Reader PDF software to enhance productivity. The conversational AI generates summaries, answers questions, and formats information from PDFs through an interface within the apps. Adobe states user data privacy is protected. The assistant is currently included in Acrobat subscriptions, with plans for a paid add-on. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • New AI Assistant in Acrobat/Reader to interact with PDFs

  • Generates summaries and answers questions through an interface

  • User data privacy protected according to Adobe

Source: adobe.com

4. The Department of Homeland Security Going on AI Expert Hiring Spree

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to aggressively recruit 50 AI experts in 2024 for a new AI corps modeled after the U.S. Digital Service. DHS will leverage direct hiring authority to quickly build the cadre, which will work on critical DHS missions involving immigration, border security, and combating threats like fentanyl. DHS believes the meaningful work will attract top AI talent despite high private sector salaries. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • DHS recruiting 50 experts in 2024 for new AI corps

  • Leveraging direct hiring authority for quick buildout

  • AI corps to work on key DHS missions like immigration and security

Podcast Follow-Up: It's All About the Automation

Mark discusses using email marketing and CRM software to set up automated email sequences to follow up with podcast guests after being interviewed. The goals are to get guests to share the episode, promote it on social media, and build an ongoing relationship. Key Takeaways:

  • Set up automated email sequences to follow up with podcast guests

  • Have simple, valuable emails focused on sharing and promoting the episode

  • Build ongoing relationships with guests through consistent communication

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