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  • Copilot Soars, Grads Want AI Skills, 7 Trillion Chip Vision

Copilot Soars, Grads Want AI Skills, 7 Trillion Chip Vision

AI News Stories

1. Copilot Soars After Super Bowl

Microsoft's Copilot AI app climbed app store charts after its Super Bowl ad despite some users noting incorrect or outdated info. The ad drove downloads but inconsistency issues remain for large language models like Copilot. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • Copilot downloads surged after Super Bowl ad

  • Some users saw incorrect or outdated info from Copilot

  • Consistency issues persist for large AI models

Source: Microsoft

2. Grads Want AI Skills, Financial Relief, Work-Life Balance

The College Class of 2024 is focused on adapting to AI, achieving financial security, and finding work-life balance as they graduate. Most are familiar with generative AI and plan to build skills. Over half expect student debt to impact job choices. Work-life balance is a priority after pandemic burnout. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • Adapting to AI and building skills

  • Student debt driving job choices

  • Seeking work-life balance after burnout

3. Altman Looks to Investors for $7 Trillion Chip Vision

OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman aims to raise up to $7 trillion to reshape the semiconductor industry and massively expand chip production for AI. He is speaking with investors and chipmakers about the initiative to make OpenAI the primary customer, though foreign involvement may raise concerns. Read More $. Key takeaways:

  • Seeking trillions to boost global chip production

  • Discussions underway with investors and chipmakers

  • Plan intended to supply OpenAI's AI needs

Sam Altman - Source http://twitter.com/sama

4. DeviantArt, Runway, Stability, Midjourney Fight Back in Court

AI art companies fought back against a copyright lawsuit, arguing their models don't directly copy works and noting there's no evidence of users replicating plaintiffs' artworks. DeviantArt said it just implemented models made by others. Runway and Stability pointed to lack of precise copies. Midjourney contested claims about its founder's old Discord messages. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • AI companies say models don't directly copy artworks

  • No evidence models replicate plaintiffs' works

  • DeviantArt, Runway distance from training models

Source: Google Gemini

Will Generative AI Change Your World?

A.I. will allow independent creators to produce high quality work without big studios. Valuetainment's Don Capi believes A.I. generated content will transform media production. Young creators worldwide can make films, images and logos. This disrupts traditional studios. Key takeaways:

  • A.I. enables independent media production

  • Big studios no longer needed

  • Global creative disruption coming

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