China again!

Apparently they are winning

Dear Reader,

Behind all the amazing achievements in AI…

There always lurks one factor: The China-US race to the top…

And let me tell you, this is a struggle that is more between our leaders than our top engineers.

For example, did you know that most of our advanced computer chips come from Taiwan?

And that other than that being a major geopolitical issue for China, Biden announced restrictions on China’s ability to import them.

I am talking about tiny, computer chips used by companies like NVIDIA and AMD that support the AI revolution.

AI is now one of America’s most coveted technologies

In addition, the Commerce Department is restricting exporting closed-sourced models (like ChatGPT 4.0)…

Basically, the USA is saying “STAY AWAY FROM OUR AI.”

This all, of course, has sparked China to make its own AI, but it makes us ask the question…

Does China have access yet to our models?

According to OpenAI, because of “certain conditions” it was not able to release ChatGPT in China.

However, many private companies do have access to it while using VPNs and have apparently reverse-engineered a lot of it.

TikTok is a key player in China and America’s AI riff

Currently, the Chinese company that owns TikTok has had its ChatGPT account suspended after it was found out that they were using it to develop their chatbots.

And it’s getting even weirder…

TikTok will now label AI-generated content in its attributions.

This all mysteriously coming about before the 2024 elections.

Who will win the China-US AI race?

China’s Robot Revolution

After a good night's sleep, you walk into the kitchen.

You're greeted by our home assistant Bee-Bop.

Your humanoid robot friend greets you as it prepares your eggs and pancakes

Greetings Master

This sounds like science fiction, but it is right around the corner.

In fact, China is ramping up production NOW.

China begins mass production of humanoid robots next year.

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