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Plus: McDonald's gets it wrong

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Picture playing against AI in a casino, then dealing with AI glitches at McDonald's drive-thrus. Meanwhile, in China, an AI military commander is being caged!

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AI-Powered Slots And Human-Like Poker Opponents

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The Overview: AI is revolutionizing casino games by bringing advanced personalization to slots and creating smarter, more human-like poker opponents.

The Details

  • AI analyzes player behavior to customize slot games, offering tailored bonuses and features. This reduces frustration and enhances enjoyment by providing players with the bonuses they prefer and when they want them.

  • AI can now bluff and play poker with more nuance, making AI opponents more realistic and engaging. This keeps the game fair and fun, as the AI can mimic human-like mistakes and strategies.

  • While AI isn't yet prevalent in all casino games, its influence is growing. As AI technology advances and becomes more accepted, we can expect classic games like blackjack and roulette to also benefit from enhanced personalization and smarter gameplay.

So What: AI is set to transform online casino gaming, offering personalized and engaging experiences. Players can look forward to more enjoyable and tailored gaming, making their casino experience more exciting and satisfying.

McDonalds AI Drive-Thru Voice Fail

A voice bot screen greets drive-thru customers at White Castle.

The Overview: McDonald's is removing its AI drive-thru voice ordering system from over 100 locations after several viral mishaps.

The Details

  • In 2021, McDonald's teamed up with IBM to introduce AI order-taking technology in over 100 drive-thrus. The idea was to make ordering faster and easier.

  • The AI system often made mistakes, leading to incorrect orders. Viral videos showed frustrated customers receiving the wrong items, like extra ketchup packets or nine sweet teas instead of one.

  • Due to these issues, McDonald's decided to remove the AI technology from the test locations. They remain committed to exploring advanced technologies to improve customer experience.

So What: This shows that AI isn't ready to handle complex tasks like taking orders at a drive-thru. McDonald's experiment highlights the challenges of using new technology but also shows their dedication to innovation.

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Featured AI Tools

Chatsimple: AI sales agent skilled in engaging conversations, booking meetings, qualifying leads, follow-up & closure.

Nova: Video categorization and organization tool that helps you find and categorize videos.

INK: An AI writer, SEO optimizer, and a content planner.

China Cages World's First AI Commander In Military Lab

The Overview: China has created the world's first AI military commander, designed to lead virtual war simulations and enhance strategic decision-making within the People's Liberation Army.

The Details

  • Scientists at the Joint Operations College of the National Defence University developed an AI commander to replicate the thought patterns and decisions of human military leaders.

  • Operating within a controlled lab, this AI simulates large-scale battles, learning and evolving quickly to provide valuable military insights. The AI commander is restricted to the lab because China's rule requires human commanders to have the final say.

  • The AI mirrors the styles of famous historical commanders, improving its ability to handle diverse combat scenarios. To keep things realistic, the AI's memory is limited to simulate human forgetfulness, ensuring adaptive decisions.

So What: The AI commander enables safe testing of military plans, offering insights that could shape future conflicts.

This highlights China's commitment to military tech but also raises concerns about AI in warfare, illustrating the need for human control over advanced technology.

Humans and AI

Advanced augmented reality (AR) is changing education by making learning more immersive. In biology, students can see a realistic, beating heart, which helps them understand complex ideas.

History lessons are more exciting with virtual trips to past events. Architecture students can walk through their 3D designs, improving their sense of space.

With clear images and realistic sound, this technology creates engaging learning experiences and encourages teamwork in virtual spaces.

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I Created A Digital Twin Using AI

As a business owner who started using AI in my side hustle and quit my job three months later, I wanted to scale my impact.

I sent selfies, business documents, and a voice memo to the developer, resulting in a digital twin that books appointments and answers calls.

But does it deliver the wow factor?

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AI Stock Watch

3 Small-Cap AI Stocks Poised to Beat AMD

BigBear Holdings (BBAI)

Specializes in AI-driven analytics and solutions for logistics, enterprise operations, autonomous systems, and cybersecurity. Expected to achieve $195-$215 million in revenue this year despite current losses​. $1.36 (as of writing)

Innodata (INOD)

Focuses on data collection, cleansing, and training for AI development. Generated $26.1 million in Q4 revenue, showing significant growth potential​​. $15.15 (as of writing)

Duos Technologies (DUOT)

Provides AI algorithm development and deployment with reputable clients like the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Recent contracts and stock performance suggest growth potential. $2.92 (as of writing)

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