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Big changes with Google. Be aware!

Dear Reader,

It’s hard to keep track of everything going on with AI, let alone sit someone down to explain it.

That’s why I decided to make this thrice-a-week newsletter that lets you sit down and digest some of that information.

By now in our journey, you probably have a good idea of who the key players are…

Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google with closely trailing companies like Amazon and Meta.

But of course, it’s the big three that lead…

And today I want to tell you about Google.

So what’s happening?

Let me break it down for you.

Here is the first piece...

And let me tell you, though you may have heard some of this news last week, it is still developing.

Logan Kilpatrick, the former head of developer relations at OpenAI, has now moved to Google to "lead product for AI Studio and support the Gemini API."

Why is this important?

During Logan’s time at OpenAI, the company’s chatbot, ChatGPT, became a common household name and grew its annual recurring revenue by over 900%...

And in the race to get the best tech talent around, Google’s Gemini has now received a top leader in the AI market.

So what’s the second piece of news?

Google is thinking about charging for new “premium” features powered by Gemini, its generative artificial intelligence.

What does this mean?

It means Google, which has never had any sort of paywall, is now considering a paywall to be a vital part of their business plan…

And with Logan at the forefront, we can expect some big and interesting things…

But has Google come out and said this?

Not at all.

This is according to 3 unnamed sources that were given last week to the Financial Times.

According to the article, developers are creating the technology to do this, while executives are still debating whether to release it.

In short, this new development could have radical implications for how people search the internet…

Which will perhaps make it the biggest disrupting event in AI yet.

More importantly, it brings us to the question of whether searching the internet in the most efficient way will now become a premium product.

In addition, this talent war that saw Logan Kilpatrick go to Google, and now may result in Google having a paywall to premium search options, is now dominating the tech landscape.

This means that the world of AI (and that of WALL-E vs. AUTO which I talked about last Monday) may see some big changes.

The stories are compounding every day.

Simply put, there are so many stories out there that I can’t possibly talk about each in-depth every day.

What I can do though, is pick one and go in-depth with it.

I hope then that we can cut through all the noise and get to the real relevant information both to help explain this new revolution to you and to help you profit from it.

So please, continue to stay tuned.

We hope you’ll join this daily journey with us.

Yours truly,

Mark Savant & The AI Media Team

PS - Zoom just launched their AI assistant. Check out more info about it below.

Zoom’s AI Assistant

I’ve already started using it in meetings and I find it pretty helpful.

Specifically, when someone shows up late, they can hit a button and get caught up without disruption.

Check out this video to get set up and start hosting better meetings: