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Bard Upgrades, Amazon Rufus, Open Source OpenAi Challenger

Is it for real?

AI News Stories

1. Google Bumps Up Bard to Challenge ChatGPT

Google is upgrading its Bard AI chatbot with new features like image generation and an improved language model to better compete with ChatGPT. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • Bard gets image creation

  • Upgraded Gemini Pro model

  • Free image tool

Source: Google Bard

2. Amazon Rufus - Your Personal Shopping AI

Amazon launched Rufus, a new AI-powered shopping assistant that helps customers research products, compare options, find recommendations, and ask questions. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • Rufus aids shopping through conversations

  • Rufus rolls out to select users first

3. Arc Browser's AI Will Surf the Web For You

The Browser Company is developing an AI agent for its Arc browser that browses the web and returns relevant results without search engines. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • Arc's AI will search and summarize web content for you

  • New features rollout soon

Source: Apple App Store

4. Open Source Challenger Enters AI Assistant Ring

Hugging Face launched a free tool for building customizable AI assistants using open source models, positioning itself as an alternative to OpenAI's GPT offerings. Users can easily create assistants with various models, share them via a central repository, and utilize different LLMs for creative applications. Learn More. Key takeaways:

  • Free, open source tool for building AI assistants

  • Alternative to OpenAI's offerings

  • Users may easily create customizable assistants using various open source models

Source: Huggin

Can A.I Bring People Back To Life? - with Matt Cox

Key Takeaways from the Video:

  • Millions of young men are developing relationships with AI chatbots like Replika. Companies are catering to this demand.

  • AI Influencers on Instagram and YouTube are becoming extremely lifelike and popular. Some charge for personalized text conversations.

  • Virtual reality technology like facial mapping is advancing rapidly, allowing for very realistic virtual interactions.

  • AI avatars of deceased loved ones that can communicate just like them may be possible in the future. This raises interesting ethical issues.

AI Tools

  • Personalized interior design powered by AI that understands your unique style

  • Explore a vast library of furniture, decor, and materials to bring your vision to life

  • Get suggestions tailored to your preferences to easily create your dream space

  • PantryChef generates recipes from ingredients you have, reducing food waste

  • MasterChef modifies recipes to meet your dietary needs

  • MixologyMaestro levels up your cocktail skills with AI creativity

  • Revolutionizes chatbot creation with advanced AI capabilities

  • Enables effortless development of sophisticated, interactive chatbots

  • Streamlines bot building, saving time while ensuring seamless user communication

  • Transforms ideas into captivating videos with text-to-video editor

  • Generates professional videos using 1300+ lifelike voices in 75+ languages

  • Empowers effortless creation of YouTube, social, and product demo videos

  • Leverages AI to create customized resumes tailored to job applications

  • Optimizes resumes with relevant keywords for higher rankings in ATS

  • Ensures resumes align with specific job requirements for dream roles