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Ashton Kutcher: AI will make better movies

AI is coming for Hollywood and Starbucks

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Ashton Kutcher Says AI Will Make Better Movies—Hollywood responds

“AI won't replace the arts, but acting like it doesn't exist will be catastrophic.” - Ashton

Ashton Kutcher thinks AI can improve movies and cut costs by creating digital scenes without studios or actors. Many in Hollywood disagree, criticizing him for promoting AI due to his investments.

They fear AI could take away creative jobs, but Kutcher says ignoring AI would be a mistake and it can help artists work better.

Starbucks Run By Robots

A Starbucks in South Korea's Naver office uses robots to deliver coffee and other items. While humans take orders and make coffee, robots handle deliveries within the building.

Over 100 robots, controlled by a multi-robot intelligence system called ARC, navigate the building using a dedicated robot elevator.

Create Any Song In Seconds

Suno aims to make music creation accessible to everyone, whether you're a beginner or a professional artist. Based in Cambridge, MA, their team includes musicians and AI experts from companies like Meta and TikTok.

With their latest version, users can create two-minute songs in seconds.

Humans and AI

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YouTubers, Podcasters, and Copywriters LOVE Swell

We write a TON of content in my agency.

Swell AI makes writing YouTube, blogs, emails, social media posts, and podcast descriptions a breeze.

This is perhaps my best secret, and I’m happy to share here.

AI Tools People Are Using Today

Synthesia: Create engaging videos from text with customizable avatars and backgrounds.

Lumen5: Turn blog posts and whitepapers into videos, perfect for marketers.

Avoma: Transcribes meetings, captures key points, and integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

AI Stock Watch

AI Stocks Under $7 in 2024

Nio Inc. (NIO) - A leading China-based electric vehicle company with advanced autonomous driving capabilities. ($4.91 as of writing)

FiscalNote Holdings Inc. (NOTE) - Provides AI and machine learning services to Fortune 100 companies and government organizations. ($1.14 as of writing)

WiSA Technologies (WISA) - Specializes in wireless sound solutions and has shown strong year-to-date performance. ($2.40 as of writing)

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