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Is America losing the AI Race with China!?

New deepfake tech, plus a model better than GPT 4!

Dear Reader,

As I told you before, the story of AI more often than not is the story of power dynamics…

Good AI vs. Bad AI, but also a race to get that technology.

Today, as I write to you on this beautiful Friday another seismic shift is happening in that contest between China and the US.

What do I mean?

I mean that while we have been busy perfecting deep fakes such as this:

Yesterday, LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman released a digital replica of himself named “REID AI” that was trained on Reid’s books, speeches, and podcasts to be a replica of him…

The Chinese tech powerhouse SenseTime has unveiled a groundbreaking AI model named SensaNova 5.0 that claims capabilities that outshine GPT-4 Turbo.

Here's a closer look at the groundbreaking features of SenseNova 5.0:

1. State-of-the-Art Training: SenseNova 5.0 represents a significant advancement in large model technology, having undergone rigorous training with over 10TB of token data, including extensive synthetic datasets. This massive training effort has honed its capabilities in knowledge, mathematics, reasoning, and coding.

2. Enhanced Linguistic and Creative Abilities: SenseNova 5.0 showcases remarkable improvements in linguistic and creative capacities. Its creative writing, reasoning, and summarization skills have seen substantial enhancements, making it a valuable asset for applications in the education and content industries.

3. Multimodal Interaction: Equipped with superior multimodal capabilities, SenseNova 5.0 supports high-definition image parsing, text-to-image generation, and complex data extraction across documents. Its prowess in multimodal interaction is evidenced by its top-ranking performance in renowned benchmarks like MMBench.

4. Industry-Leading Inference Speed: The SenseNova Edge-side Large Language Model boasts industry-leading performance in inference speed. With the ability to generate up to 18.3 words per second on mid-range platforms and an impressive 78.3 words per second on flagship platforms, it sets a new standard for efficiency.

So why does this matter!?

The US-China AI competition should be seen differently, away from just an arms race.

AI will greatly influence state power through economic growth and military strength, and leading AI countries will set norms on technology use, impacting global order and undecided states.

This means: US policymakers need to engage with China on AI projects while safeguarding against harmful applications.

Thus, we have entered an Era of Great Power Competition with technology being a critical aspect.

What do you think of the AI race?

Warm regards,

Mark Savant & The AI Media Team

PS: Check out my video below for more information about the crazy upset going on in the entertainment industry.

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