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AI’s Scariest Evolution is Here

Dear Reader,

One of my kids’ favorite movies is WALL-E.

In the movie, Wall-E, a friendly robot lives on an uninhabitable Earth and compacts trash.

He isn’t scary at all, however. He is quite helpful.

He is the embodiment of everything good we hear about AI—automating a mundane task that makes our lives, as humans, better off.

AI, when harnessed correctly, enhances our human experience. 🤖❤️

So what’s so scary about AI?

Since my journey, I have talked to and listened to hundreds of AI experts…

And they all tell me the same thing.

AI is only here to automate tasks for low-level roles in manufacturing, transportation, customer service, data entry, retail, etc.

Nevertheless, something huge is happening.

And it has to do with the movie WALL-E.

Because in the movie, it is not the friendly, task-focused robot who is scary, but a machine called AUTO…

A supercomputer program whose sole focus is to keep humans reliant on technology and off Earth.

In addition, he has the extra touch of not being able to deal with conflicting orders.

In short, AUTO is the embodiment of all our human concerns over the dark side of AI (i.e., unethical and dangerous applications of the technology).

Also known as the #1 key horror fact of every futuristic movie featuring AI, from I, Robot to The Matrix.

AI isn't inherently scary, but misuse like AUTO serves as a cautionary tale. 🤖⚠️

So what is that?

An AI supercomputer that can store and possibly manipulate all AI data.

Yeah, I’m talking about that terrifying AI control center that you see in all those horror movies making elite decisions about the economy, military, etc.

And guess what?

Microsoft and OpenAI have finally decided to build it. A whopping 100 billion-dollar project.

And they’re not trying to hide what it is or what it does.

They just announced it last Friday.

It’s called “Stargate” and is set to launch in 2028.

According to Microsoft and Reuters, it is "expected to be 100 times more costly than some of the biggest existing data centers" in the world.

AI control centers like 'Stargate' evoke movie horror but are becoming a reality. 🤖💼

Its purpose: to house millions of AI chips that support OpenAI's next-gen models.

So what is the next evolution in this story?

I’m not sure. The truth is, none of us know. We just know that this AI revolution is here to stay.

Of course, we hope it will all be about WALL-Es helping us, but we can’t suppose that there won’t be any AUTOs (bad AI actors that confirm our worst fears).

Already, there are hundreds of industries being disrupted by AI.

This is exactly why I’ve decided to spice it up, working hand in hand with a new business partner at the forefront of AI’s development to bring you a thrice-a-week update about the AI revolution…

Because it's more than just what’s happening. It’s about what matters, and it's a great story to tell that will continue to develop long after we’re gone.

So who is he?

Unfortunately, I can’t say at this point.

He’s signed an NDA, but he is employed to work with one of the big three in the AI revolution (Microsoft, ChatGPT, and Google) on a day-to-day basis.

And he is on our side: that part of development that wants to keep things a little less AUTO, and a lot more WALL-E.

A contrarian who knows that history’s great changes make great opportunities…

Anyway, he’s teamed up with me to tell you this rapidly evolving story, and we hope you’ll stay on for the ride because our aim isn’t to just give you a weekly roundup of the latest AI stories, but to keep you abreast of what’s going on.

So please, stay tuned.

We'd like to share our predictions, tell you what is going right and wrong, and help you in any shape or form with the high-level changes coming your way.

Even if things go haywire...

We want to be your compass…

We want you to stay plugged in.

So we hope you’ll join this journey with us.

Yours truly,

Mark Savant & The AI Media Team

PS: Not sure how to take full advantage of AI for your job? Check out the video below where I show you how to create an AI-generated slideshow instantly with popAI.

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Then you realize you need to create slides…

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