The AI Update

In April of 2022, I got the dreaded message from a key team member.

“I quit”.

I did what any rational business owner did and freaked out. I then proceeded to pick up the slack, do the work, and become overwhelmed. As I looked for a new team member, I started using AI in my workflow.

I reduced time spent by 90%.

I was hooked. I started testing new AI tools, reading blogs, watching demos… I trained all my staff on AI workflows. I empowered the team to try AI tools and share results.

4 months later I quit my day job to focus on the business.

AI changed everything for me.

But don’t just take it from me!

  1. The World Economic Forum estimates 85 million jobs displaced by 2025.

  2. McKinsey predicts 30% of the world’s workforce will lose their job to AI by 2030

  3. CNBC states 1 in 5 workers have “high exposure” to AI

What should we do?

We can’t ignore AI. It’s going to impact both our personal and professional lives. (ever heard of AI influencers?)

We need to pay attention to updates. I know, everyday something new happens!

We should test new tools regularly to develop relevant skills! I know, new tools come out daily!

My mission

Help 1 million survive and thrive with AI strategies, tactics, and tools.

You have a job, family, personal life and dozens of other responsibilities.

You can’t keep up with everything, so I have a solution.

The AI Update Newsletter

It’s designed to give a quick summary of:

  • AI company developments

  • New AI tech

  • Government regulation and statements

  • New AI tools

  • and more

I don’t want to waste your time.

I want you to survive and thrive in this AI world.

Welcome to the AI Update!

- Mark Savant