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AI Progress: Mind-Reading, Full Interaction, Ethical Effectiveness, plus Prompt Prowess

AI News Stories

1. Australia Unveils Mind-Reading AI

Australian researchers created DeWave, the first non-invasive AI system that translates thoughts from brainwaves into text. Users simply wear an EEG cap. In tests, DeWave decoded silent reading above 40% accuracy into words and sentences. Though imperfect, it improves on past EEG translation methods. DeWave matches EEG patterns to words using encoding and language models. It performed best with verbs but struggled with exact nouns. While noisy EEG data poses challenges, DeWave marks a breakthrough in directly translating raw brain activity into language. With refinement, it could help paralysis patients communicate and direct technology hands-free. Read More.

2. AI Gets Personal: The Era of Interactive AI

Experts predict interactive AI that can hold advanced conversations will emerge in 2024. Interactive AI will adapt to users, learn, and act independently to achieve goals. It can improve customer service, sales, and marketing. Interactive AI may produce more original content than current AI. But full interactivity is still years away. Overall, AI adoption is accelerating globally, with major interactive advances expected in 2024. Read More.

3. AI Cracking the Code on Depression

AI shows promise in improving depression diagnosis and treatment. MRI scans can diagnose depression with over 80% accuracy by detecting brain structure changes. Combining MRI data on structure and function achieves over 93% accuracy. Wearable devices like smartwatches detect depression 70-89% of the time. Social media posts and emojis can detect depression up to 90% of the time. Electronic health records predict antidepressant response over 70% of the time. AI could help doctors accurately diagnose and treat depression, but further research is needed for clinical reliance. Read More.

4. Prompt Hoarding for Fun and Profit

Building your own AI prompt library helps power users get the most out of generative AI tools. First, identify your goals and style. Review others' prompts analytically. Learn nuances of different AI models. Save prompts, summaries, styles, templates, and metadata. Organize prompts by project or workflow. A living prompt library boosts efficiency, saves time searching, and builds your AI toolkit over time. With the right prompts, you can better steer AI tools to suit your creative needs. Read More.


  1. Build a personalized AI prompt library for better generative AI tool performance.

  2. Understand your goals and style, analyze others' prompts, and learn AI model nuances.

  3. Save, organize, and update prompts to improve efficiency and adapt AI tools to your needs.

Making AI Ethical and Effective

Mark Savant joined an expert AI panel at NSU Innovation Day hosted by the Levan Center of Innovation. The panel discussed ethical issues and opportunities surrounding AI.


  1. The importance of media literacy and robust regulations to combat the spread of AI-generated misinformation and deep fakes.

  2. The need for industry self-regulation and ethical frameworks to navigate the ethical implications of generative AI in journalism and society.

  3. The urgency of educating individuals, including children, to discern facts from misinformation and not indiscriminately believe everything they encounter in the age of AI.

AI Tools

Ideogram AI [Mark’s Pick ] is a cutting-edge, user-friendly tool designed to help users create stunning, customized graphics and visuals effortlessly. This innovative platform simplifies the design process by offering an extensive library of templates, icons, and images, allowing anyone to produce professional-looking graphics in minutes. Ideogram AI is perfect for social media posts, marketing materials, presentations, and more. Unlock your creative potential and make your ideas come to life with Ideogram AI.

Midjourney [Mark’s Pick] is a cutting-edge AI tool that revolutionizes the way users create stunning visuals. By simply describing their desired image, users can generate unique and captivating art in seconds. With its powerful AI engine, Midjourney offers a seamless and enjoyable experience for artists, designers, and anyone looking to explore their creativity. Unleash the power of AI and transform your imagination into reality with Midjourney.

Imagen AI is a cutting-edge tool that revolutionizes image generation. With its advanced AI technology, users can effortlessly create stunning visuals tailored to their needs. This innovative platform is perfect for graphic designers, marketers, and anyone looking to enhance their visual content. Experience the power of Imagen AI and unlock a world of creative possibilities.

Mixo is an AI-powered website builder that helps entrepreneurs quickly launch, validate, and grow their startup ideas. With just a brief description of your idea, Mixo generates a full website in seconds, complete with a landing page, business name, and integrated email list. Mixo simplifies the process of collecting customer feedback and offers a seamless experience for users.

MyMap AI is an innovative tool that helps you visualize and organize your ideas effortlessly. With its AI-powered chat interface, you can create stunning mind maps and presentations in minutes. Perfect for students, teachers, and professionals, MyMap AI is the ultimate solution for turning your thoughts into captivating visuals. Say goodbye to tedious brainstorming sessions and hello to a world of creativity and productivity.