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  • AI Controlling Devices, Apple Vision Pro, YouTube Leaning on AI

AI Controlling Devices, Apple Vision Pro, YouTube Leaning on AI

AI News Stories

1. OpenAI Makes Assistants That Take Over Devices

OpenAI is developing agent software that can automate complex online tasks by taking over a user's device, like gathering public data, creating itineraries, or booking flights. This assistant software aims to perform complex personal and work tasks with minimal supervision when commanded by a human user. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • OpenAI making agent software to automate complex tasks

  • Software takes over user's device to complete tasks

  • Goal is to enable assistants to handle tasks with little supervision

2. Navigation, Multitasking, FaceTime: Apple Vision Pro

Take a guided tour of Apple's new augmented reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, to a new user. She shows him how to navigate, view photos and videos, watch movies, multitask, make FaceTime calls, and experience immersive apps and environments. Video takeaways:

  • Demonstrates navigation, photo/video viewing, movies, multitasking

  • Shows FaceTime calls and 3D avatars

  • Highlights immersive apps and AR environments

3. AI Predicts Best Depression Treatment in Just 1 Week

Researchers developed an AI algorithm that can predict within a week if the antidepressant Sertraline will be effective for a patient with major depressive disorder, by analyzing brain scans and clinical information. This allows doctors to avoid ineffective prescriptions earlier and improve patient care. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • AI algorithm predicts antidepressant efficacy in 1 week

  • Analyzes brain scans and symptoms to identify treatment responders

  • Allows personalized medicine approach for depression

4. AI, Creators, Subscriptions, Safety: YouTube CEO's 4 Big Bets

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan lays out 4 priorities for 2024: using AI to empower creativity, recognizing creators as studios, expanding into living room streaming and subscriptions, and protecting the YouTube community. He discusses how YouTube will support creators with AI tools, advocate for their value, grow TV and subscription offerings, and invest in community safety. Read More. Key takeaways:

  • 4 priorities: AI and creativity, creator studios, living room/subscriptions, community protection

  • Supporting creators with AI tools and advocacy

  • Growing TV streaming and subscription offerings

  • Investing in community safety and responsibility

Automate Your Podcast with AI Tools

Join Mark as he guides you through the process of using AI systems that will save you hundreds of hours while creating your podcast.

Key Takeaways from the Video:

  • Use AI tools like ChatGPT for content ideas, guest outreach, show prep, and production automation

  • Automate workflows with AI to save time on tasks like show notes, clip creation, guest onboarding

  • Experiment with voice mimicry and collaboration at scale to create content faster than before

AI Tools

  • Unlimited content ideas instantly generated by AI

  • Leverages GPT-3 model tailored for creators

  • No subscription required - pay per use

  • Generates verifiable content with citations

  • Uses fresh sources for up-to-date info

  • Optimized for high SEO performance

  • Automates tasks with AI-powered workflows

  • Builds personalized automations to save time

  • Trusted by 200k+ users as a Chrome extension

  • 24/7 AI chatbots for customer service

  • Trains on text, PDFs, links for accuracy

  • Captures leads in 95+ languages

  • Build custom AI chatbots without coding

  • Trains only on your data for personalized bots

  • Supports over 100 languages and top AI models