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  • AI Changing Movie Studios, AI is Coming for Google Search, Google's AI Woes

AI Changing Movie Studios, AI is Coming for Google Search, Google's AI Woes

AI News Stories

1. AI Video Tools Leaves Tyler Perry's Studio Plans in Limbo

Filmmaker Tyler Perry had planned to expand his Atlanta studio at a cost of $800 million but is now putting those plans on indefinite hold due to advancements in AI technology like OpenAI's Sora. Perry is concerned about how AI will affect jobs across the film industry even as it lowers production costs. Read More.

Key Takeaways:

  • Halting $800M studio expansion plans due to AI advancements like Sora

  • Concerned about AI's impact on film industry jobs despite lowering costs

  • Still plans to use AI in some upcoming films but won't mandate it

2. This Startup Built an AI to Out-Search Google

Startup Perplexity AI built an AI-powered search engine that provides updated, cited answers unlike ChatGPT. It uses retrieval-augmented generation and web crawling to index information that an LLM analyzes to generate responses. Perplexity believes this approach can compete with Google by being more semantically focused than ads-driven rankings. Read More.

Key Takeaways:

  • Perplexity's AI search engine gives updated, cited answers unlike ChatGPT

  • Uses retrieval-augmented generation and web crawling to index information

  • LLM analyzes indexed info to generate semantic, relevant responses

Source: Perplexity AI

3. How Attempts to Fix AI Bias Backfired for Google

Google has apologized for Gemini inserting diversity inappropriately in historical images, like depicting the Founding Fathers as racially diverse. Google says the AI was over-corrected to avoid bias, but the author argues the AI didn't "become" anything - it was made that way by engineers. Read More.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google apologizes for AI putting diversity in historical images incorrectly

  • The AI was over-corrected to avoid racial bias in image generation

  • The author argues engineers are responsible, not the AI itself

4. Google Gemini Headaches Lead to $90B Alphabet Stock Plunge

Alphabet stock fell 4.5% on Monday, losing $90 billion in market value, as controversy grew over issues with its AI service Google Gemini. Problems like racially inaccurate historical images and refusing to criticize Hitler versus Musk added to existing concerns that Google is trailing rivals in AI. Read More.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alphabet lost $90B in market value as Google Gemini AI draws controversy

  • Gemini produced inaccurate historical images and wouldn't criticize Hitler over Musk

  • Comes amid concerns Google is already behind rivals in the AI race

The AI-Assisted Path to Publishing Prosperity

Mark and guest Anthony Nwareni discuss how Anthony started self-publishing books on Amazon 4 years ago after discovering the business model through a webinar. He now uses AI to help with parts of the publishing process like outlining and drafting, and edits the books himself to ensure quality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anthony Nwareni started self-publishing on Amazon after a webinar

  • Now he uses AI to help with outlining, drafting books but edits them himself

  • The publishing process is faster with AI assistance

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