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It’s 2042 and AI has taken over everything

A Silicon Valley VC's Top 5 Predictions

Welcome back AI enthusiast!

It’s 2042 and AI has taken over every field you can imagine…

Healthcare, real estate, finance, retail, food services, and manufacturing…

Heck, even the coders are out of work.

Managers are no longer managers of people…

But of AI…

AI knows everything, sees everything, and can code and write everything with painstaking accuracy.

Managing robots not people may be the future of all white-collared jobs

AI can predict natural disasters like volcano eruptions and hurricanes before they happen.

Where are you in this?

Trying desperately to manage your own AI…

And this is exactly why you need to stay on top of what’s happening in the AI world.

So here are the top 5 predictions that Vinod Kohsla, a billionaire, Silicon Valley venture capitalist, is sharing with us about how AI will change our lives.

  1. Free expertise

  2. Labor will be nearly free

  3. Computer knowledge will grow exponentially

  4. AI will revolutionize entertainment

  5. Agents will grant internet access

So what happens when this happens?

Everyone will have access to cheap labor.

So all experts will have to be at the bleeding edge of what they do…

But that’s just the downside, there’s also this…

Individuals can solve complex problems on their own.

And guess what? People who use their hands actually will be in demand.

Want to know more? Check out this video sharing all of Vinod’s predictions!

What do you think is the most accurate prediction?

Email us back, and we will discuss the best response here next week!

PS: My prediction? Personal brand and credibility will be the greatest asset we have.

Hollywood is dead

Music Videos cost up to $50,000 to produce.

Movies can cost over $200 million to produce.

What if videos could be produced right at home?

What if you could produce videos for free?

Indie Band Washed Out is playing with this idea.

They had an AI video produced and in my opinion, it’s awesome.

Creative purists are upset, but I see massive potential.

Check out my video review here.

This is the future.

-Mark Savant and the AI Update Team