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  • $190B AI Stock Plunge, AI Music School, Google Assistant - Meet Bard

$190B AI Stock Plunge, AI Music School, Google Assistant - Meet Bard

AI News Stories

1. Big Tech's AI Hopes Deflated in $190B Stock Plunge

AI-related companies saw a major stock market selloff on Tuesday, losing $190 billion in market capitalization after disappointing quarterly earnings reports from Microsoft, Alphabet, and Advanced Micro Devices. The tech giants had seen their share prices surge in recent months amid optimism about AI, but their latest results failed to impress investors. Alphabet missed revenue expectations and highlighted the high costs of competing in AI. Microsoft beat estimates but still saw its stock drop after hitting a record high. AMD projected strong AI chip sales but gave a weak overall revenue forecast. The selloff indicates investors had elevated expectations around AI that were not matched by the tech giants' latest financial performance. Overall, it underscores a reality check for AI capabilities versus the recent hype. Read More.

2. Government Mandates AI Safety Test Transparency

The Biden administration will begin implementing a new requirement for developers of major artificial intelligence systems to disclose their safety test results to the U.S. government. This is part of President Biden's executive order from October 2022 to manage emerging AI technology. The software companies have committed to categories for safety testing but do not yet have to comply with a common standard. The National Institute of Standards and Technology will develop a uniform framework to assess AI safety. The administration is also working on congressional legislation, coordinating with other countries, and hiring more AI experts across federal agencies. Overall, the government aims to ensure AI systems are safe before public release, while supporting innovation in this rapidly evolving field. Read More.

3. Personalized Music Lessons Created by AI at Studio

Online education platform Studio launched its first AI-powered online music school. The school uses AI to create personalized monthly curriculums for musicians, songwriters, and producers based on their interests, goals, experience level, and schedule. It features exclusive video lessons taught by over 100 popular artists. Students get assigned custom projects and receive weekly feedback from peers matched by an algorithm. The AI coach leverages OpenAI's GPT-4 along with Studio's own frameworks to optimize lesson sequencing and pacing. The goal is to help students release complete, polished songs each month. While aimed at experienced creatives looking to enhance their skills, Studio plans to launch more AI schools later this year for other creative fields like writing and filmmaking. Read More.

4. Google Assistant Reboot to Launch with Bard in March

Google is reportedly preparing to integrate its new AI chatbot, Bard, into the Google Assistant virtual assistant. Anticipated to launch in March, the integration will leverage Google's Gemini family of large language models to enhance the Assistant's capabilities. Users will be able to activate the Bard-enabled Assistant by voice or typing. It will understand queries in text, voice, and with image context. Leaked details suggest the assistant will assure users it can still provide hands-free help while expanding its skills through Bard integration. This transformation, building on recent layoffs and feature removals, aims to redefine the Google Assistant by bringing AI advancements to the virtual assistant experience. While Google has not officially detailed the rollout, leaks provide glimpses into the Bard integration as interest builds ahead of the anticipated launch. Read More.

Source: Google Bard

Creating a Custom AI Meme Generator

Rishi Khan describes how to create a custom AI assistant for generating memes using ChatGPT. He describes the process of building a new AI model in ChatGPT using the GPT-3 interface. The video includes sample instructions and conversation prompts to guide the AI through a meme creation process. Rishi tests the meme chatbot by requesting a sarcastic meme with realistic artwork about a lazy cat. The AI generates a meme image and text based on the provided instructions and prompts. He notes issues generating images of copyrighted characters like Gollum due to OpenAI's content policies.

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